General Description

The F85526 PCI Express to ISA Bridge IC is necessary to be used for the new chipset system. The issue of the package size is critical for the layout requirement. So the F85526 is the optimal solution for the non-ISA chipset where the package will be the best chosen for economic solution and save the layout size. The two wire signal bus EEPROM interface is provided for the system implementation convenience. Some registers can be pre-programmed via the hardware pin settings to facilitate system initialization.

The F85526 absolutely meets PCI Express base spec 1.1 and supports fully ISA interface. Provides multi-ISA compatible slots without buffering and supports ISA parallel IRQ transfer to serial IRQ by IRQ Serialier. It is completely PCIE to ISA bridge specialized chip.



  • PCI Express base spec 1.1 compliant

  • Fully ISA bridge support except bus master (By conditions)

  • IS interface supports 8/16bit I/O R/W, memory R/W and DMA R/W (via LPC interface)

  • All software transparent

  • All ISA signals can be isolated

  • ISA parallel IRQ transfer to serial IRQ by IRQ Serialier

  • PCIE interrupt supports INTA mode (only for the own device/driver)

  • Supports multi-slots without buffering

  • Supports 14MHz output pins

  • Provide WDT function

  • Device parameters configurable via EEPROM (ESDA & ESCL interface)

  • 3 sets of address decoder is supported

  • 128pin LQFP package

128-LQFP Green Package
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